Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Time at Back Bay

My time at Back Bay high school will truly be memorable. I had both good and bad times at this school, but all in all the good out weighs the bad. When I first came to this school it kind of sucked because, In Irvine (My home home school) we had a continuation school, Creekside, that us high schoolers affectionately referred to as Crackside. we had all heard the horrid rumors that came from that school, so obviously I was nervous about Back Bay. However, the first few staff members I met started easing my fear for they were nothing but nice and helpful, when they handed me my schedule and told me where my class was located. My first period ended up being with Mr. Kovac, who further assured me that the teachers here were working with the kids rather than against them or, like some, not working at all. I also met one of my good friends in that class, Kayla weeks! Unfortunately she went home at lunch so I was left alone, and I would just listen to music. Even with being alone at lunch, after the first day I knew this was a good school.

Of corse, being here since the first day of last year, Lil' Kayla was not the only friend I made! After a while Tonia transferred into my science class and we bonded over our common interest in books, namely Harry Potter. Then Kahla transferred in a while after Tonia. It seems that most of my new friends have come in this year. and though some have left and we don't talk to them much anymore, I know I have had some great times with them while they were here.

When most students come to Back Bay one can only assume that their main goal is to get back to their home school, I was no different. From the time I was told I had to leave Irvine high my only goal was getting back, and until the this year I was thoroughly convinced I would be graduating from there. However, even if I did meet all the other requirements (having a way to get to the school and back, living in Irvine, etc.) I wouldn't switch back. This school was one of the best things to happen in my high school life. I truly feel this school is the best fit for me, and anyone lucky enough to go here should realize they have been given a gift, and use it wisely.

Even with all that being said, I am not sad to be leaving. I am, instead,  happy to have had the chance to be a part of a school that I feel actually makes a difference, rather than a cold, face-less, "normal" high school. Though I was only here for two years I know I will speak fondly of my high school for years to come!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Summer 2011

We are down to eight school days now, the summer is getting ready to leap into full swing. Teenagers will flood the streets no matter where you go. So I should be thinking about fun summer plans with friends and long nights by the ocean and the bonfire pits, however, that's not what I'm thinking about. This summer is for more serious endeavors.

My main goal for this summer is to, finally, get my drivers license. I have had my permit since October. Me and cars do not mix very well though, so I am hoping to put aside a large chunk of time dedicated to nothing but driving each day. So, look out world, I'm going to be mobile!

Another thing I will be concentrating on this summer is finding a job. I'm not sure if it will be seasonal or something a bit more secure, but as long as I get a job and start saving up money for the coming fall, I don't care. Between my job and getting my license, you may ask "but how will you ever have time for any fun?!" but never fear I always have the nightlife and my disneyland pass.

But seriously, I assume I will be going to Disneyland quite often this summer. And because I live on Balboa Island I can go out and walk around at anytime of night with my friends. and go swimming anytime  during the day. I am also hoping a few road trips will be thrown in here and there. My main hope is that this summer is one I can remember as special.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Narwhal Flyer


Will respond to “Babbehcakes”
If found please contact me immediately
((He is scared by loud noises and has no control of his horn))
Cell: (949) 555-5551

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Get Him to the Greek review


In the movie, Get Him to the Greek, The beautiful combination of Russell Brand (Aldous Snow) and Jonah Hill (Aaron Green) will leave you laughing for days! Aldous Snow being a cocky, strung out rock star and Aaron Green, just an average fan of Aldous, makes for an unbelievably funny story; Aldous Snow, once the biggest rock star around, writes a horrid song that, more or less, ruins his career. Ten years later, Aaron Green gets the opportunity of a life time, go to London and pick up Aldous Snow and get him to his comeback show at the Greek theater in L.A. However, with Aldous being such a party animal things do not go over as smoothly as planned. Now what you might not expect from a movie mainly about crazy parties and the life of a rock star is that it actually has some heart, it may be hidden under all the witty, absurd humor and the star studded cast but it is there. The movie is also filled with original plots, jokes, and songs that will be stuck in your head for quite some time. Originality is not something many movies have today, which just adds to the overall success of this film. Get Him to the Greek is defiantly a movie I would recommend everyone ( 17 or older) to go see!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Compare & Contrast

I  have chosen the movie (500) Days of Summer. Much like me The review has quite a positive look on the film. It has wonderful, likable characters that you can really connect with. The movie has a mix of emotions jumping from "lovey-dovey" to utterly hopeless, but leaves you feeling hopeful and warm at the end. The movie does jump around quite a bit starting on one of the last of the 500 days then jumping to the first, some people did not like this. I thought it was brilliant. as Roger Ebert points out it is how most of us remember things, taking all the good and the bad and separating them to be remembered at different times. Along with being a beautifully directed film, it also has brains, wether it is the witty comedy, that leaves you laughing for days, or the dark emotions that Tom(Joseph Gordon-Levittcomes to feel for summer(Zooey Deschanel) the writing just makes the movie that much more enjoyable. I would recommend this movie to everyone. I'm sure most people can find some part of this movie they absolutely love.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Video clip

Marceline's song from Adventure time!

I love this song, and this show! It has become a fun show that all the kids in my family have come to agree on so we can actually all share the t.v. This song really made me fall in love with the show because it is so random and Marceline has a very lovely voice. (Olivia Olson) That whole episode, It Came from the Nightosphere, has become my all time favorite.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Dream School

If I cold go to any school in the world I would go to the Art Institute of Boston in Massachusetts. I suppose that's why I would go there, just because it's an art school and in Massachusetts. It also has the programs I want: Fine arts and illustration.  They also have Animation and photography so I can hone a variety of skills. I haven't heard much about the school its self but looking through the art work of the students,  it seems like a fun creative place to go. It will also help to be in a new city and state because there will be so many new things to draw my inspiration for my artwork from.

Student work From AIB

My 5 Year Plan

Over the next five years this is how I would like my life to go:
Year one
Let's pretend it's the day of graduation. I wake up get dressed try and look stunning for one of the most important days of my life. However as I'm waiting to go I can't help but start to think about everything I'm going to do after this day. The first thing would be to attend my first college class, art in the summer, at Golden West. Then when the fall comes I will start on my two year art degree and (if at the end of my senior project I end up liking it) start taking classes to be come a therapist, so I may eventually combine the two and go into art therapy. I will also hopefully continue with my job at the hotel I am currently interning at. I will also need to start my professional art portfolio.

Year 2
The next year I will again be in school for the same things. and will have hopefully moved up in the hotel. This will also be the year I start looking at art colleges to attend. I don't have any in mind right now but I'm sure I'll hear about some great ones while getting my degree. I am also hoping to be getting my own apartment and car some where in between years one and two, by both saving money and having my parents help me. I will start taking lots of life drawing classes too to help me enhance my art skills further.

Year 3
By this year I will have my art degree and hopefully be off to the art college of my choice, and still be able to work at a hotel.

Year 4
I will be enrolled in Art college and again working at the hotel. I will also (again, if I am still interested) Be looking at college courses in psychology.

Year 5
I will now (I think) be out of art school and be taking courses to become a therapist. the final step to becoming an art therapist. And by now I hope to be pretty high up in the hotel's chain of command. The reason I have mentioned working in a hotel in all these is because I hope to one day transfer to a hotel of the same brand in Massachusetts. however at this point in time the five year mark seems too soon for that. I might move to Vegas using the same method in the fifth year though.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letter of Recommendation

Computer Teacher
Back Bay High School
390 Monte Vista Ave
Costa Mesa, Ca 92627

Dear Mr. Walske,           
I am writing, and glad of it, on behalf of Nikki Cooper. She has been a fantastic employ of mine, she is very punctual and is always willing to take on extra opportunities. She strives to do her best with every task I give her.

She has a background in hospitality work. She also has practice in filing and office skills such as word documents, power points, etc. she also has an extensive background in art, and writing.

Nikki is the creative spirit in our establishment. She always has new ideas that keep the costumers coming back. She also plays peacemaker in many employee customer disagreements.

She has also been recognized by her school, and was placed on the honor roll. I have spoken with some of her references and she is indeed well liked by past teachers and employers. Nikki has also won some awards for best artwork.            

Nikki is a fantastic employee and would be a great asset to any team. Anyone who has the chance to work with her is quite lucky.


 Nikki Cooper.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Favorite Band/ Person

Oh, I could go on forever about Paramore! I love every song they sing, they put on a great concert, they write their own amazing lyrics. But I am here to talk about my favorite person in the band, the lead singer Hayley Williams. She is so amazingly talented writes most all of the songs. Honestly, Hayles ((a nickname of hers)) is my hero, she is just so fiery and passionate about everything she does and stands for. nothing can hold her back!
Not only is she an amazing singer but she is also widely known for her great sense of fashion, including her wild hair, awesome make-up, and of course her fantastic outfits. all in all Hayley is one of the greatest people on this planet!!!! <3

Monday, March 28, 2011

About Me

My name is Nikki. My pokemon just evolved! I love music. I watched adventure time last night. :3 hmmmm I gotta write more on this blog.... okay here goes. Spleeno is sitting next to me in an Elmo hat. I have two fish, Edwin and Carl(a). oh I also have a cat, Todd, who tries to eat them every morning, after jumping on my face..... He then goes and attacks our other cat, Sassy. yupe...okay. bye