Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Get Him to the Greek review


In the movie, Get Him to the Greek, The beautiful combination of Russell Brand (Aldous Snow) and Jonah Hill (Aaron Green) will leave you laughing for days! Aldous Snow being a cocky, strung out rock star and Aaron Green, just an average fan of Aldous, makes for an unbelievably funny story; Aldous Snow, once the biggest rock star around, writes a horrid song that, more or less, ruins his career. Ten years later, Aaron Green gets the opportunity of a life time, go to London and pick up Aldous Snow and get him to his comeback show at the Greek theater in L.A. However, with Aldous being such a party animal things do not go over as smoothly as planned. Now what you might not expect from a movie mainly about crazy parties and the life of a rock star is that it actually has some heart, it may be hidden under all the witty, absurd humor and the star studded cast but it is there. The movie is also filled with original plots, jokes, and songs that will be stuck in your head for quite some time. Originality is not something many movies have today, which just adds to the overall success of this film. Get Him to the Greek is defiantly a movie I would recommend everyone ( 17 or older) to go see!

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