Monday, June 13, 2011

My Summer 2011

We are down to eight school days now, the summer is getting ready to leap into full swing. Teenagers will flood the streets no matter where you go. So I should be thinking about fun summer plans with friends and long nights by the ocean and the bonfire pits, however, that's not what I'm thinking about. This summer is for more serious endeavors.

My main goal for this summer is to, finally, get my drivers license. I have had my permit since October. Me and cars do not mix very well though, so I am hoping to put aside a large chunk of time dedicated to nothing but driving each day. So, look out world, I'm going to be mobile!

Another thing I will be concentrating on this summer is finding a job. I'm not sure if it will be seasonal or something a bit more secure, but as long as I get a job and start saving up money for the coming fall, I don't care. Between my job and getting my license, you may ask "but how will you ever have time for any fun?!" but never fear I always have the nightlife and my disneyland pass.

But seriously, I assume I will be going to Disneyland quite often this summer. And because I live on Balboa Island I can go out and walk around at anytime of night with my friends. and go swimming anytime  during the day. I am also hoping a few road trips will be thrown in here and there. My main hope is that this summer is one I can remember as special.

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