Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Time at Back Bay

My time at Back Bay high school will truly be memorable. I had both good and bad times at this school, but all in all the good out weighs the bad. When I first came to this school it kind of sucked because, In Irvine (My home home school) we had a continuation school, Creekside, that us high schoolers affectionately referred to as Crackside. we had all heard the horrid rumors that came from that school, so obviously I was nervous about Back Bay. However, the first few staff members I met started easing my fear for they were nothing but nice and helpful, when they handed me my schedule and told me where my class was located. My first period ended up being with Mr. Kovac, who further assured me that the teachers here were working with the kids rather than against them or, like some, not working at all. I also met one of my good friends in that class, Kayla weeks! Unfortunately she went home at lunch so I was left alone, and I would just listen to music. Even with being alone at lunch, after the first day I knew this was a good school.

Of corse, being here since the first day of last year, Lil' Kayla was not the only friend I made! After a while Tonia transferred into my science class and we bonded over our common interest in books, namely Harry Potter. Then Kahla transferred in a while after Tonia. It seems that most of my new friends have come in this year. and though some have left and we don't talk to them much anymore, I know I have had some great times with them while they were here.

When most students come to Back Bay one can only assume that their main goal is to get back to their home school, I was no different. From the time I was told I had to leave Irvine high my only goal was getting back, and until the this year I was thoroughly convinced I would be graduating from there. However, even if I did meet all the other requirements (having a way to get to the school and back, living in Irvine, etc.) I wouldn't switch back. This school was one of the best things to happen in my high school life. I truly feel this school is the best fit for me, and anyone lucky enough to go here should realize they have been given a gift, and use it wisely.

Even with all that being said, I am not sad to be leaving. I am, instead,  happy to have had the chance to be a part of a school that I feel actually makes a difference, rather than a cold, face-less, "normal" high school. Though I was only here for two years I know I will speak fondly of my high school for years to come!

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