Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My 5 Year Plan

Over the next five years this is how I would like my life to go:
Year one
Let's pretend it's the day of graduation. I wake up get dressed try and look stunning for one of the most important days of my life. However as I'm waiting to go I can't help but start to think about everything I'm going to do after this day. The first thing would be to attend my first college class, art in the summer, at Golden West. Then when the fall comes I will start on my two year art degree and (if at the end of my senior project I end up liking it) start taking classes to be come a therapist, so I may eventually combine the two and go into art therapy. I will also hopefully continue with my job at the hotel I am currently interning at. I will also need to start my professional art portfolio.

Year 2
The next year I will again be in school for the same things. and will have hopefully moved up in the hotel. This will also be the year I start looking at art colleges to attend. I don't have any in mind right now but I'm sure I'll hear about some great ones while getting my degree. I am also hoping to be getting my own apartment and car some where in between years one and two, by both saving money and having my parents help me. I will start taking lots of life drawing classes too to help me enhance my art skills further.

Year 3
By this year I will have my art degree and hopefully be off to the art college of my choice, and still be able to work at a hotel.

Year 4
I will be enrolled in Art college and again working at the hotel. I will also (again, if I am still interested) Be looking at college courses in psychology.

Year 5
I will now (I think) be out of art school and be taking courses to become a therapist. the final step to becoming an art therapist. And by now I hope to be pretty high up in the hotel's chain of command. The reason I have mentioned working in a hotel in all these is because I hope to one day transfer to a hotel of the same brand in Massachusetts. however at this point in time the five year mark seems too soon for that. I might move to Vegas using the same method in the fifth year though.

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