Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Favorite Band/ Person

Oh, I could go on forever about Paramore! I love every song they sing, they put on a great concert, they write their own amazing lyrics. But I am here to talk about my favorite person in the band, the lead singer Hayley Williams. She is so amazingly talented writes most all of the songs. Honestly, Hayles ((a nickname of hers)) is my hero, she is just so fiery and passionate about everything she does and stands for. nothing can hold her back!
Not only is she an amazing singer but she is also widely known for her great sense of fashion, including her wild hair, awesome make-up, and of course her fantastic outfits. all in all Hayley is one of the greatest people on this planet!!!! <3


  1. Niki I love your blog!! I also love Hayley she is such a good singer and has awesome hair!!(:

  2. (>*o*)> loven the blog <(*o*<)