Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letter of Recommendation

Computer Teacher
Back Bay High School
390 Monte Vista Ave
Costa Mesa, Ca 92627

Dear Mr. Walske,           
I am writing, and glad of it, on behalf of Nikki Cooper. She has been a fantastic employ of mine, she is very punctual and is always willing to take on extra opportunities. She strives to do her best with every task I give her.

She has a background in hospitality work. She also has practice in filing and office skills such as word documents, power points, etc. she also has an extensive background in art, and writing.

Nikki is the creative spirit in our establishment. She always has new ideas that keep the costumers coming back. She also plays peacemaker in many employee customer disagreements.

She has also been recognized by her school, and was placed on the honor roll. I have spoken with some of her references and she is indeed well liked by past teachers and employers. Nikki has also won some awards for best artwork.            

Nikki is a fantastic employee and would be a great asset to any team. Anyone who has the chance to work with her is quite lucky.


 Nikki Cooper.  

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