Monday, April 18, 2011

Compare & Contrast

I  have chosen the movie (500) Days of Summer. Much like me The review has quite a positive look on the film. It has wonderful, likable characters that you can really connect with. The movie has a mix of emotions jumping from "lovey-dovey" to utterly hopeless, but leaves you feeling hopeful and warm at the end. The movie does jump around quite a bit starting on one of the last of the 500 days then jumping to the first, some people did not like this. I thought it was brilliant. as Roger Ebert points out it is how most of us remember things, taking all the good and the bad and separating them to be remembered at different times. Along with being a beautifully directed film, it also has brains, wether it is the witty comedy, that leaves you laughing for days, or the dark emotions that Tom(Joseph Gordon-Levittcomes to feel for summer(Zooey Deschanel) the writing just makes the movie that much more enjoyable. I would recommend this movie to everyone. I'm sure most people can find some part of this movie they absolutely love.

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